• Maiden gives you the map.

Understand people. Unlock new markets.

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Maiden is a global member-funded
user research lab.

We offer consumer intelligence and a human-centered data advantage to the leaders of tomorrow’s economy.

Our members are chosen for their integrity, capacity, and commitment to scale emerging economic technologies including DLT, blockchain, and digital currency to the global mainstream.

Increase product-market fit

Create the right products for the right users.

Accelerate user onboarding

Receive field-tested tools & resources for engaging new users.

Save money

Reduce costs through data-driven decisions.

Inform strategy

Improve strategic decisions through timely, data-based recommendations.

Identify growth opportunities

Discover and parse relevant, conversion-ready markets.

Secure investor confidence

Get investor-ready market analytics and consumer reports.

What intelligence does your company need to break through to a global user base?

WHO are my key mainstream users across global markets?

WHEN do I shift resources from early-adopter to mainstream offerings?

WHERE should I stake out beachheads to secure global market advantage?

HOW do I speak to new users with language that resonates?

Experts predict that 2021 will be the year blockchain businesses emerge from the “trough of disillusionment.” Only a small handful of companies will reap most of the rewards of this first wave of mainstream users.