• Our Vision

A future economy where everyone can harness the full value of their money, their data, their attention, and their choices.

Maiden Labs

Maiden members gain access to ongoing consumer insights that far exceed the research capacity of an internal team. Our expert researchers plan, execute, and synthesize qualitative and quantitative data through fast, iterative 4-6 week sprints. Throughout research sprints, members receive actionable insights that help you identify new markets, as well as navigate public doubt, regulatory risks, and the challenge of redefining the story of money on a global scale.

Our Team

Maiden’s global research team has worked with tech giants including Google, Spotify, Kickstarter, and Microsoft, as well as enterprise clients, including American Express, Procter & Gamble, and GE. Companies rely on our intelligence to deeply connect with people and strategically grow their enterprise. With over 20 years of experience discovering new technology markets (from Asia, Europe, and the Middle East, to Latin America and the US), we are positioned to help our members breakthrough industry-wide barriers to mainstream adoption.

We specialize in consumer insights for emerging economic technologies (including DLT, blockchain, and digital currencies). Led by Dr. Tricia Wang, our team holds affiliations with MIT, Harvard University’s Berkman Center, NYU ITP, and Yale.

Our Guiding Principles

  1. Scale: We offer actionable consumer intelligence to scale emerging economic technologies.
  2. Discovery: We conduct discovery research, seeking new frontiers rather than optimizing the already-known.
  3. New Human Models: We offer a data advantage to the leaders of our future economy, recognizing that in the future, successful institutions will be those that give people greater agency over their assets.
  4. Integrated: We advance adoption by involving the full range of relevant stakeholders, including: users, regulators, investors, companies, cultural leaders, academic researchers, and technologists.
  5. Systemic: We think and act at the systems level, offering solutions relevant across the industry.
  1. Risk: We do our part to identify and mitigate the risks of technology at scale.
  2. Opportunity: We seek to actualize the pro-social applications of technology.
  3. Equity: We support the advancement of a more inclusive and equitable global financial system.
  4. Multiperspectival: We capture and represent a variety of user and research perspectives.
  5. Respect: We recognize the personal dignity and autonomy of all people. As such, we honor the informed consent, privacy, safety, and confidentiality of our research subjects.